Hydatidiform mole Molar Pregnancy

Molar pregnancy – symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment

Horionadenoma – is a malformation of the placenta, which is formed from a set of only three father’s chromosome, and the chromosome of mother is absent at all. Embryo formation does not occur, but the skid (intrauterine growth) provokes symptoms of pregnancy. According to statistics, in one of the thousands of women with symptoms of pregnancy determine molar pregnancy. There are two types horionadenomy: complete and incomplete. Full horionadenoma – [...]

Activation of innate immune responses

Atheroma – symptoms, causes, treatment, folk remedies

Benign tumour, known in medicine called atheroma is a cyst that appears when clogged sebaceous gland. It can become a focus of infection and cause complications (for example, hypothyroidism – lack of release hormones), and remove it in several ways: a radio wave, laser or surgery (classic). This tumour is a subcutaneous soft rounded education. It is different in size from a small pea to a hen’s egg. It can [...]

Hypothyroidism - Viewing Gallery

Hypothyroidism – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Hypothyroidism – a syndrome that is caused by the fact that significantly reduced thyroid function. The first such clinical picture of hypothyroidism in children was described in 1850 in the city of Carling, and in adults in 1874. Most interesting is that hypothyroidism is considered the first endocrine disease, for which a replacement therapy. And for such purposes in 1891, Murray suggested a thyroid tissue of such an animal like [...]


Osteoarthritis – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Osteoarthritis is a disease in which the cartilage layer, located between the vertebrae or in the joints breaks down over time. Osteoarthritis can be primary or secondary. Causes of degenerative changes of cartilage in primary osteoarthritis are not clear; it is likely that errors of metabolism of articular cartilage caused genetically. One of the special varieties of the disease – nodular arthritic joints brush. The main reason for the secondary [...]

adult helping senior in hospital

Dementia – symptoms, causes, treatment

With age, almost everyone to some degree deteriorating memory, this is manifested in the form of forgetfulness. And some older people may also experience loss of memory, but to a small extent, as this feature has no effect on their daily and normal life. But if such memory impairment is constantly progressing, it may indicate that there is dementia. What is it? Dementia – a possible partial loss and reduced [...]

Tics Happily Ticked Off by Andrea Frazer

Tic – symptoms, causes, treatment

Nervous tic called repetitive and sudden jerky movements of certain muscle groups. Tic is a form of hyperkinesias (contraction of the muscle or group of muscles that occurs when the brain gives erroneous command). Sometimes quick and nervous tic motion of the same type may be accompanied by involuntary exclamations and pronouncing words. This occurs when the tick affects the vocal apparatus. Tic has a number of varieties. It is [...]

Parkinson's Disease and Neuroplasticity

Parkinson disease – symptoms, causes, treatment

It is impossible to predict in advance who is destined to become a victim of a disease. She could be any of us, even the most famous and rich people vulnerable to serious illnesses. About Parkinson’s disease is widely talked after she became ill famous people such as Pope John Paul II, Michael Fox – star of the movie “Back to the Future” boxer Mohammed Ali … The name of [...]

How to Prevent Teenage Binge Drinking

Withdrawal from binge – recommendations folk remedies

The main task at the moment of withdrawal from binge is to bring alcoholic toxins and cleanse the body. Therefore, in the first place shows the reception sorbents. In severe cases, it can be drip infusion reosorbilakta, in more light cases – ingestion conventional activated carbon enterosgelya, Atoxil or other disinfectors. There is also a very effective technique in withdrawal from binge – unitiola. In a hospital environment, it is [...]

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Resurfacing – are procedures, recommendations, photos

Soft, smooth, radiant skin – every woman’s dream. Some lucky it got such a gift from nature. But someone less fortunate, and then by itself raises the question: how to achieve the ideal? Beauticians offer new types of peeling, and one of them – face laser resurfacing. It is this kind of grinding, as the most modern, causes the most problems. Also very popular is laser cosmetology that can make [...]

State proposes temporary ban

Laser cosmetology – pros and cons

Under the influence of the laser beam passing along the trunk hairs, the cells containing melanin and the subsequent destruction of the hair follicle are heated. The skin is not damaged and slightly heated and rapidly cooled. Laser cosmetology removal can remove only those hairs that had grown to 5.3 mm and can be seen on the surface, that is, are in the active growth phase (anagen). But there is [...]